Network & Data Center Design

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Network & Data Center Design

Today, computer networks/infrastructures are the core of modern communication…

Therefore, by allowing ASL Network and Security Services to design your network, you will receive a strong commitment to excellence and every effort by us to provide prompt reliable service with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Whether you need a completely new network installed, or an upgrade to your existing network, our professional Design Service is here to help.

At ASL, we strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism and even higher level of results for our clients. All of the network infrastructures and security services designed by our company are prepared on-site, by a licensed CISCO engineer. The structured cabling, fiber optics, access control, telecommunication systems, wireless applications and camera systems are all installed and maintained by CISCO certified engineer. After the initial installation and testing, we will provide your business with a network maintenance plan that will optimize the performance of your infrastructure as well as keep your network uptime and productivity secure.

The best reflection of our commitments to designing and implementing top of the line infrastructures, are obvious by our satisfied client list. Many companies large and small, have expected highly secure, quality service and we have provided it plus so much more!

How can ARCLITE SYSTEM LTD. help you?

  • null    Implementation through leveraging industry best practices with project and change management capabilities
  • null    Engineering services across the computing and storage domain; product sustenance services; quality and assurance testing
  • null    Micro-verticalization strategy that delivers deeper domain capabilities and thought leadership through our practice team
  • null    Dedicated CoEs for “Accelerated Delivery for Solid State Device” and fiber channels provide concept-to-manufacturing services across various product lines
  • null    Comprehensive best-in-industry mature framework for Managed Application Services covering scope management, pricing models, governance, reporting mechanisms, and delivery structures